Chinese TV debut on Dragon TV's Tao Zui

I had a great time on Friday filming for the Shanghai TV show, Tau Zui. This special interest daily show came by as part of a feature they did on our local creative district, Tianzifang. I spent a few hours working with the host Chen Lan to hand build a teapot, decorate a cup, and do a small amount of throwing. I built most of the forms in advance so that we could switch them in and out of the shots. We were trying to make it look like Lan, or Cecilia (her English name), had built the forms.

My previous experience being interviewed didn't prepare me for what it would be like to be on film. We did many, many, many takes to get the right combination of her speaking in Mandarin and me responding in English. She did speak in English occasionally but the show is geared for a predominately Chinese audience. We loosely followed a script that I never got to see it before we started. Mostly she would say "I'm going to talk for a little bit and then ask you a few questions... How did you start in ceramics?... How do you like Shanghai? ok, ok, ok?" It was a great improv exercise. I do tend to smile when I am nervous so the hardest part was not laughing. The crew were very gracious and lighthearted about the whole experience.

The show is part of the larger Dragon TV network and it shows midday during the week. The segment they filmed will air sometime in October. If I can get a copy Ill try to upload it to the blog. It should be fun to see how much they will cut. The shoot was about two hours but I think our part will be about 10 minutes or so. I hope they edit out most of the dumb looks I had as I was concentrating.

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  1. You can now add tv personality to your resume, Ben! I am 100% positive that you charmed your audience. Can't wait to see it!