Amish Sky Vu Drive IN

I recently saw my first drive in movie. I saw Star Trek at the Sky Vu Drive In on Rt. 25 in Gratz,PA. It was amazing. We drove about an hour from Harrisburg, past Halifax, up into Amish Country. On the way we stopped to use the bathroom at the only restaurant in the vicinity. This elaborate snack stand offered friendly service and surprising variety for a rural area. They also had a family game room were you could play pool or old school video games. Even though it was hard, I had to pass on their seven dollar shrimp dinner. We arrived at the Drive IN before the sun went down. As we were waiting for the movie to come on I got to see Amish carts passing along the road between the screen and the mountainside. It was an interesting culture clash to look past the screen and see horses trotting along. I was just as wrapped up in the scenery as I was the movie. I was so distracted by the novelty of the experience that I should probably watch the movie again. It was a great flick. It was refreshingly funny for science fiction and thank God it was different than the TV series. Not that the TV series was bad but I never like to see remakes of other movies or shows. They never have the gusto as the original. I hope everyone gets to go to at least one drive in movie in their life time. Communal outdoor movie watching is great!

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