Watershed Day 3

I am fully engulfed in the a watershed residency. It has rained for two of the three days but spirits are still high as the word is sunny skies are in our future. I am participating in the Terracotta Warriors session, which is filled with great people. Kari Radasch invited some of the artists including Joe Pintz, Liz Quackenbush, Meredith Brickell, Victoria Christiansen, and Kristen Pavelka. We have a solid Florida contingent here consisting of Amanda Smalls, Alyssa Welch and myself. To top that list there are many emerging artists here that are working on staff or assisting here at watershed. I've really enjoyed being in the studio everyday. The more pots I make the more I am convinced that I need to do this everyday of my life. I have know I was potter bound since I was 16 but my compulsion seems to get worse with age.

We are starting to get ready for Salad Days. This is one of Watershed's fundraisers. This year Alyssa was the artist who made 500 plates. For $25 you can purchase on of the plate complete with a selection from the salad buffet. Its a great idea and Ive heard its alot of fun. Ill write more about the event as we get closer.

In other news I saw a calf being born yesterday. It was pretty amazing. The birth looked painless but I'm sure it wasn't. The mother cow even took a snack break mid birth to munch on some of the fine Maine sweet grass. Ive included a picture of a cow bending down below the electric fence. I give this cow today's award for ingenuity and dedication.

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