Alchemy and Transformation Pt. Deux

Im currently in a two person show at Signature 9 gallery in Roanoke VA with Julie Hamilton. The reception was held on October 1st in conjunction with Roanoke's Art by Night studio stroll. I had a great time at the opening talking to old friends that stopped by. It was also great to make the face to face connection with my buyers. I'm always amazed at which pots sell first. There were some gems left at the end of the night that I thought would have gotten gobbled up early. I was glad to see my newer forms (condiment trays and oval platters) were well recieved.

After seeing the pots out of my studio and in the gallery space I got a better sense of how people see the colors I choose. Sig 9 has tan colored walls so the white wares that I have been making really stood out. I've been thinking about gallery presentation and the affect it has on my work. I am making glossy work that has subtle variations in slip tone within each piece. If my work is under lit the variations in the slip are lost. If the work is over lit the reflection on the glaze surface is distracting. It is a dilemma, especially when I have little control over the final environment the work is displayed in. Like many potters I feel my work looks better in a domestic environment while it is being used. Sig 9 did a good job of arranging my work with Julie's.

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