Published in China Ceramic Artist Magazine Vol 2 # 16

I was recently profiled in China Ceramic Artist Magazine. The editor Bai Ming published a group of my work from 2006-2009. The images show my transition from soda fired porcelain to earthenware. In March of last year, Bai Ming came to lecture at UF. He demonstrated his china paint techniques, as well as his subtractive methods for porcelain sculpture. It was great to see him work with a brush. His brush work was quick and decisive. He completed a beautiful triptich that we fired and donated to the Harn Museum of Art.

After studio visits he collected images and later published work from Kelley Eggert, TJ Erdahl, Stephanie Steufer (MFA 2009), myself, Patrick Coughlin (MFA 2010) and our professor Nan Smith.


  1. Well done! That first photo looks like Kurt Weiser's work. Whose is it?

  2. That is Kurt Weiser's. That is the cover image and its from a retrospective last year at the Phoenix NCECA. Did you get to see that show?

  3. Hi This is very good chinese ceramics, thanks for sharing nice stuff.