They always look so good when they are leatherhard.

I've been working on large oval platters. Feeling like the forms are really personifying the soft comfort of tradition. Trying to have better compositions with crisper images. Kinda reminds me of the Merrimiko prints that I grew up with. They continue to put out nice fabrics.


  1. Your platters look great. Can't wait to see the whole show! My first exposure to Marimekko prints in St. John during college has always stuck with me. Did you notice the company started in my birth year? The car/truck quilts and the blue/red fruit print downstairs still satisfy me, too. Treva

  2. very nice.what's the overspray around the rim in the second photo?

  3. Thanks Kyle. The halo is from spraying the initial layer of slip on the platter. I've tried pouring the first coat but it always looks haphazard. I brush all the decoration after that.