Pottery Workshop Shanghai

I wanted to give a little background on the art center I am working for now. The Pottery Workshop has three locations on main land China (Shanghai, Beijing, Jingdezhen) and one in Hong Kong. The founder, Caroline Cheng, has helped to promote ceramics through offering classes and selling high quality pottery through the shops that are attached to the centers. I am working in Shanghai teaching and managing the studio.

The Shanghai studio itself is on the second floor of 220 Taikang Rd. The shop is located below us and there are studio spaces above us. We offer classes on hand building and throwing for adults and children multiples times each week.

I will stay connected through Facebook and my regular email. I would love to hear how things are in the states so please keep in touch. I hope to start posting about the wonderful food and pots that I see everyday.


  1. Your blog and the posting on the wood-fired kiln are posting clearly. Another challenge successfully met!

  2. all of the wheels look like Brent's, are they?

  3. They are all Brent wheels. Part of the company is a trading company that sells Brent, Shimp, Nabertherm, and other international equipment. Its nice to have a touch of home in the studio.