Turkish National Day and The Fire of Anatolia

I am posting an Iznik Tile in honor of Turkish National Day. I attended a dinner and dance performance tonight at the World Expo Pavilion. We saw the pavilion before dinner when there were very few people. It was so nice to have time to really look a the exhibits. Some pavilions have 9 hour wait times but our invitation got us right in with no wait. Among other things there was an exhibit on Iznik Pottery. Iznik is one of my favorite types of pottery. The color, movement and balance of Iznik compositions have all influenced my design sense. Wikipedia has a surprisingly good history of Iznik development. Check it out.

After dinner at the Turkish Pavilion's restaurant we were treated to a dance performance by The Fire of Anatolia. They are a dance troupe that mixes modern and traditional Turkish dancing. The music has a hard driving bass line topped with traditional Turkish melodies. I don't know enough about dance to accurately describe the style. It incorporates belly dancing, step dancing (like Ireland's River Dance) and theatrical story telling. It was intense and last for two hours. Check it out.

I would highly recommend going to the Expo if you can visit Shanghai. Ill post more as I visit the other pavilions.

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