Have Gun Will Travel- Casting Shadows Tall as Giants

In the never ending quest for good studio music I thought I would put a plug in for Bradenton, FL natives Have Gun Will Travel. Their 2008 debut Casting Shadows Tall as Giants is pure Americana genius.  I have had this album on constant repeat for a few weeks. I highly suggest it for any folk music lovers.

For more information on HGWT's albums and tour schedule Click Here. I haven't seen them in person yet but I've heard they put on a great live show.

"...Casting Shadows is steeped in the country twinges of lap steel, harmonica, banjo, strings, and acoustic guitars. The record's true strength is its artful tributes to classic westerns, tying the album stylistically and thematically to the wild-west in all its gun-blazing glory... Burke's rich songwriting weaves classic western themes of life and death, honor, and morality throughout the record's narrative songs." National Public Radio

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