City Weekend Article on Cass Hayes

City Weekend just did a spot on one of our students, Cass Hayes. Its a great look into what a community pottery center can provide someone in a big city. Click here for the complete original.

We caught up with Cass Hayes to find out all about the Pottery Workshop. Cass tells us all about her involvement in the classes at the workshop and how it's become her oasis of calm.
How long have you been here?
Two years now, with two more to go. My husband and I married in August ’08 and moved here in September of the same year, so it was an interesting way to begin married life. I’ve been going to pottery for over a year now and have never looked back. I think the workshop saved my sanity, and I’m not kidding.
What got you interested?
I wanted to do something creative but also something very active that would take my mind off my homesickness. Shanghai is bustling and I needed an oasis of calm. I’m finding pottery is mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting so I feel like I’ve really achieved something when I leave each day. My progress is also very clear, from my first pinch pot teapot–(which was pretty rubbish–I made the spout too low so it only holds a thimble full of tea)–to my massive wheel-thrown pasta bowl which I use all the time.

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