Just in time for NCECA - Red Clay Rambler Post Cards - V 1.0

I decided to take the plunge, and fork over the dough, for the first set of Red Clay Rambler post cards. They feature two of my favorite images from last year's travels. The top image is a day of team throwing from the Lao Chang factory in Jingdezhen (check out the story). The second image is freshly made Jiaozi from the Sanbao ceramic village restaurant. (check out a related story) Since moving to China my trusty Canon EOS has been glued to my hand. Seeing through a camera lens keeps me focused on my surroundings. Every person, street corner, and food stall become potential shots. It has been a great lesson in mindfulness.

These were printed using overnightprints.com. They are a reliable choice for print quality, price, and super smooth rounded corners. They are currently having a winter sale that makes most sizes and quantities affordable.(click here for specs) I will be distributing these at the Pottery Workshop table at NCECA. Please come by for a quick visit. If you won't make it down to Tampa send me your address and I will drop one in the post when I get to the U.S.


  1. Hey Ben, can't wait to see you at NCECA this year!

  2. Been following your travels with great interest! I teach high school ceramics, and I would love to have a card for my student's wall. One with all the pots would be nice. Wish I could make it to NCECA, but don't think I will be making it to any of them till they bring it here to Guam! Have a great trip! (I'm jealous!)
    Happy Mudding,

  3. Joy, It will be great to see you. I was trying to figure out when the last time we got to hang out. It's been too long. Do you know if we are having a party for the Odyssey show?

  4. Hello Robert, Thanks for following. I would be glad to send you post cards. Would you like me to pick you up anything at NCECA? Posters, tools, etc? Send along your address to ben(at)carterpottery.com