NCECA 2011 pt 2: Highlights from Worlds Apart

Black Figure Plate with Rooster and Fox. Late Corinthian 575-550 B.C.
Red Figure Hydria-Pyrix (Lidded Box) Paestean 350 B.C.

I spotted this rooster plate from across the room. It was my favorite piece of all the pots I saw at NCECA. I love the sgrafitto through the black slip. (Reminds me of Sue Terrill's work. Click here to see.) This is the first Black Figure piece that I've seen that didn't reference the human body in some way. The scale change between the large rooster and small fox seem to be a visual metaphor but I don't know the back story.

The lidded box was a tricky little form. It is shaped like a vase but disassembles to reveal compartments. It was thought to hold make up for an actor. Each compartment had a lid that was decorated with a different female face. Greek pots are great for dividing decorative space to tell a narrative.

The show was organized around the theme Myth & History, Gods & Mortals, Heroes & Hybrids. The variety of forms used to explain the theme was impressive. Glad to see they decided to go beyond the usual Amphora (Jar), Kylix(Cup), Kantharos (Cup) combo. If your in the Tampa area its worth the visit.

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