Pot of the Day V.1 - Ding Ware Ewer Song Dynasty 980-1127AD

The Pot of the Day series features art that I encounter on my visits to museums.  This celedon beauty lives in the Shanghai Museum. The collection offers a broad range of Chinese ceramics from 3,000 BC to the late 1800's. I love to go and would be glad to offer informal tours to anyone who visits Shanghai. For the museum website please click here.


  1. love the handle. I've always seen this kind of handl on the Staffordshire pots. Now I see its precusor in this!

  2. That handle is what got me too. I'll have to check out the Staffordshire version. Can you point me in that direction? Any links that have images online? I am a big fan of T. Toft slipware but I don't know much about Staffordshire.