Spring has sprung and its time for plates.

On plate days I spread across the studio like poison ivy. There are plates filling the tables while they pass through different stages of drying. I'm currently working with three designs - round w/square insert, octagonal, and five lobed. This batch are all thrown and cut using templates. They will get a layer of slip trailed designs before they are dunked in porcelain slip.

Shanghai has been beautiful for the past two weeks. The buds have just popped into leaves and the city is a glow with the light green tint of spring. I'm amazed at how fast this happened. The leaves seemed to magically appear out of no where. I'm ready for the long days of summer with the 8 o'clock sunsets and warm night breezes.


  1. Half a world away and this "Carter" is working on plates too! (I'm spread out like kudzu though....)

    I would love to see the slip trailing and porcelain slip dipping if you get a chance to take some pictures.

    Enjoy your Spring! The honeysuckle and privet are in bloom here in Georgia. The air smells sweet with the fragrance! Wonderful time to be here (as long as you don't have allergies!).

  2. I would love to smell that honeysuckle right now. It was in full bloom when I was in Florida for NCECA.

    Ill post pics of the plates as I finish them. They have been slipped and are ready to decorate. My coworkers kept saying the slip trailing looked like chocolate.

    Happy Potting. Have a good night.

  3. love the flower shaped plates!...looking fwd to seeing them down the line...