For the Flowers- Schaller Gallery- Carpenter, Pavelka, Baker, myself and many more.

For the Flowers has just gone online at the Schaller Gallery. It will be online from May 23rd - June 19th. There are some great pots in the show. I particularly liked the variety of shapes that people sent. Kyle and Will's pots are fresh takes on the oval and triangle. I tend to stick to square/circle/oval so Will's pot got me thinking about triangles. Kyle's deco is a well fired flashing slip topped with masterful brushwork. Kristen's vase is a unique but simple idea. Elevating a basic form with a thrown stand is a nice way to get a visually heavy form up in the air. I like that she left so much Terra Cotta showing. Check out these artists by clicking on their names.

Will Baker
Kyle Carpenter
Kristen Pavelka

I sent six bud vases that have heavy slip trailed linear patterns on the surface. I decided to keep the decoration minimal to let the flowers pop. From a color standpoint I like the blue one the best. Which one do you guys like? Click here to check them out.


  1. I DO like the blue one, but I would put it as my third favorite behind the green one and the white one with the white flower. Great stuff though! And your pots are keeping some good company! Congratulations!

  2. What a great show - thanks for the link. I love all of your vases - but the white ones are my favorites.

  3. Thanks for the input Judy and Carter. I love getting feedback on my pots through the blog. Its my online critique.