Happy Mothers Day Potter-style

A big thank you to all the potter mothers out there. They are a rare breed and should be thanked profusely on Mothers day. These bud vase photos are the digital version of the flowers that I hope you get from your children today. 

My mom has been my staunch supporter on this ceramic path. She has never told me not to be a potter. Her unwaivering support encouraged me to take the leap of faith that I was choosing the right profession. I want to specifically thank her for the following :

- Letting me build a studio in our basement.
- Washing the clay out of all the towels in our house.
- Rewiring the electricity for a kiln.
- Ignoring the clay footprints that I tracked on the carpets.
- Encouraging me when I got all those grad school rejection letters.
- Listening to me when I got accepted into my first big shows and got published for the first time.
- Hosting home sales and getting her friends to come buy pots.
- Looking excited when I told her I wanted to move across the country for my next residency.
- Continuing to look excited a few years later when I told her that I wanted to move across the world for my next ceramic adventure.

The list could go on and on. If your a potter call your mother and give her a big thank you for all the extra things she did to make your pottery life easier. 

Happy Mothers Day!


  1. very nice and cheers to those mom who are wise enough to support their young.

  2. I hear ya Ben! I'm going to show my mom this post!

    Nice vase, too!

  3. Thanks Guys. My mom got a kick out of this post. We are fortunate to have pottery friendly moms. Joy, I just sent a batch of these to the Schaller gallery. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are sending.