Chris Pickett's colorful slab built forms - A virtual tour of Cush

I had the great fortune of seeing Chris Pickett's show Cush while I was in Florida this spring. The show was top notch in every respect from the pots, to the lighting, to the flowers and the pedestals. Chris balances subtlety and boldness with an expert touch. He often contrasts embossed patterns under a celedon with a thin orange line of satin glaze. I admire his "little goes a long way" understanding of color. The plate set and the flower bricks where my favorite pieces in the show. 

I am looking forward to seeing Chris's new website which should be up in the next few months. If your interested in buying his work he can be found on Facebook. 


  1. Great photos and great work, thanks.

  2. hello Chris very good work there. this is Victor ... Cheyenne's dad. I Heard you was livimg in Chattanooga. a real good friend of mine hasd a farm with Acres next to the Rising Fawn his neighbor is Sue Cannon. I am sure you have heard of it. when i visit there i will let you know . i really like you work there. TALK SOON