Pot of the Day V.6- Tricolored Bowl and Plate - Jin Dynasty - 1115 -1234

These lead glazed beauties where made during the Jin dynasty. They show the glaze influence of the Tang sancai ware that was made in the Shaanxi area a few hundred years earlier. I don't know too much about this dynasty which makes these pieces an exciting new find for me. The Jin was a Northern dynasty that held power around the same time as the Song dynasty. They officially fell in 1234 after Ghenghis Kahn swept into mainland China from Mongolia.

The swift sgraffito drawings attracted me to these pots. The curvilinear lines of the fish motif are a nice contrast to the banded concentric circles. Seeing this surface treatment reminds me of Kathryn Finnerty's work. Her raised images and runny translucent glazes make her one of my favorite contemporary potters.Click here to visit her website.

The Pot of the Day series features art that I encounter on my museum visits. These pots are from the Shaanxi History Museum in Xi'an, China. The museum features art excavated within Shaanxi province. Xi'an was the imperial capital of multiple dynasties including the Tang dynasty. Click here to check out the museum website.


  1. I find the Jin Dynasty plate more modern in style to my mind's eye than Kathryn Finnerty. The seemingly effortless lines of the decoration really appeal to me.

  2. Love the sancai pieces! Thanks for posting them. Gay