In the studio: New tureen forms

I'm cranking out pots as the deadline for my next show quickly approaches. This week I'm working on tureen forms. These have matching bowls that complete a great set for autumn stews. Its good to make pots now for the meals I want to eat in the near future. My mind and stomach are collaborating on this form.

This version is about 13 inches wide, which makes for a massive lid. Still trying to find the right weight for all the parts. Tureens are a good technical/functional challenge because they have to be thick enough to survive slip dipping but thin enough to pick up when they are full of soup. These are my first proper tureens so I'm in the "working out the kinks" stage. Any suggestions for tureens would be much appreciated. 

I'm really enjoying the side handles. I think I'll make oval servers too so I can start elaborating on the handle itself. Ovals are great for sticking the handles out into open space. So many ideas, so little time.


  1. Yeah! I was just about to start making these again! I LOVE these Ben!

  2. These are fabulous - love your detail work - I think your stomach is a good inspiration :-)

  3. Thanks guys. Judy, my stomach never leads me astray. I need to have a show titled "Hungry" where all the forms are inspired by random food cravings. Have a good weekend.

  4. Your clay body, with its groggy quality is BEAUTIFUL! Love the pots too, of course! ;)