Check out my show Between the Fence Posts at the Charlie Cummings Gallery

I'm excited to see my show Between the Fence Posts up online at the Charlie Cummings Gallery. It will run until January 15th.Click here to see the show. A big thanks to Charlie who did a great job photographing the work. I look forward to hearing which pieces you guys like the best. 

Here are a few thoughts about this body of work.
"Between the Fence Posts was created as I lived outside of my own cultural landscape. My role as an outsider has imbued the decorative motifs that I use with a deeper sense of nostalgia. This body of work is the culmination of a longing for home and my personal identity as an American.
Clay is manipulated into shapes that have convex bulges that reference pillows and tufted furniture.  This overfilled aesthetic is a visual metaphor for the comfort of southern hospitality. The white picket fence, the quintessential symbol of Americana, creates a cultural context for the work. The accompanying floral patterns establish an aesthetic that relates to the casual nature of folk art. Verdant blooming flowers are captured in decorative form bringing nature into the home and reconnecting people to the beauty of their physical landscape.
My work evokes community, embodying personal times that are a counterpoint to our work-centered society. Surface decoration is used to create nostalgia for a time when communal meals were the core of communication. Well-made functional pottery calls us back to the table where the heart of our family beats."


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