An Afternoon with Hamada pt 1: The Mashiko Reference Collection

I recently spent an afternoon browsing through the Mashiko reference museum. The expansive collection of pottery, furniture and other decorative arts was the personal collection of Shoji Hamada. The museum and the collection resides at the home he occupied for the last forty years of his life. The video and images highlight my favorite pieces in the collection. To see more images from my visit head over to the Facebook photo album by clicking here.

The top three images feature words by Hamada and the bottom three feature ceramics and furniture from the reference collection. The white porcelain bottle in the top photo is by Bernard Leach and the bottom shot features a piece of Delft ware, lead glazed earthenware, and German salt ware.

This travel series springs from my visit to Mashiko Japan and the home of world renown potter Shoji Hamada. Along with the help of Bernard Leach, Kanjiro Kawai, and philosopher Soetsu Yanagi, Hamada popularized the Mingei movement. For more info on the movement please visit the Mingeikan website by clicking here.


  1. What a wonderful town! Great pictures of the museum. I took a trip up there from Tokyo for a day. I could move here for sure!

    1. Mashiko is an amazing place. I was sad to see that many people where moving away after the last earthquake. I'd love to live there or maybe neighboring Kasama for a short time. Thanks for reading the blog. Have a good night.