NCECA 2012: To the Space Needle and Beyond!

I'm settling in after a long flight across the pond. I'll be in Seattle for the next week participating in this year's NCECA conference. For those Red Rambler readers from other countries this is America's largest clay festival. It is part reunion, part exhibition, and part educational conference. This gathering is one of my favorite events of the year.

This year my goal is to understand the bigger picture of growth in the ceramic community. I'm interested to see who is setting trends and redefining our field. Every year a small group of break out artists exhibits work that sends ripples across the clay community. I'll be shooting pics, video and sound clips to try and put my finger on what is driving American ceramics forward. A conference like this is a great chance for me to interview people while seeing their work in person. A NCECA organizer told me today there will be over 190 exhibitions in the Seattle Metro area. A big round of applause to NCECA for pulling this conference off.

After I touched down this afternoon I went right to the Seattle Design Center to set up our Pottery Workshop 25th Anniversary show. It is about 80% installed with a few more pieces arriving in the next day or so. I'll write more about that in a future post. For now I'm off to sleep for some much needed shut eye. I'm hoping to out run the jet lag this trip.

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