New video: Decorating a mug with under glazes and sgraffito

The interchangeable parts (handle, foot, etc) and intimate scale make the mug a perfect testing ground for larger design ideas. In my latest batch of mugs I explored an asymmetric scheme that I discovered the last time through my making cycle. In this scheme I heavily load the handle side of the mug with decoration while I leave the non handle side bare. The negative space that is created lets the decoration breath. This is very similar to tension/release themes in music where players contrast their complex melodies/rhythms with points of stillness. I often find I learn visual art through listening to music. Any one else find they benefit from cross disciplinary learning?

Check out my video explaining the process for decorating a mug with this scheme. Click here to see the Decorating a mug with under glazes and sgraffito video.

Undecorated mug with vertical carving on the lower third. The carving subdivides the space setting up the decoration.
Here is the mug after decoration. I filled the handle side with a dense honeysuckle pattern. The opposite side was left undecorated leaving a large open wide space.


  1. love your video! very inspirational!

    1. Hey Lisa, Glad you are enjoying the video. Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate the support. Hope your doing well.