NCECA 2012: Highlights from The Pottery Workshop 25th Anniversary Exhibition

Caroline Cheng

David Furman

Dryden Wells

Fiona Wong

Linda Arbuckle

Peter Beasecker

Pete Pinnell

Sam Chung

Trudy Golley

My Chinese tea set shown as part of the Tea Three Ways series.

A large portion of my trip to Seattle was spent managing an exhibit to celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of the Pottery Workshop organization. I had a great time meeting people during the exhibit and hearing their China stories. I feel fortunate to be involved in such a vibrant organization. You can view the rest of the images by visiting my Carter Pottery Facebook page. Click here to view the album. We produced a website to let people know more about the artists who participated. Click here to view the site.

Here is the curator's statement that I wrote for the show:

Since 1985 The Pottery Workshop has grown from a small education center in Hong Kong to a multidimensional organization that boasts numerous education centers, galleries, and an international artist residency. This year's NCECA theme "On the Edge" perfectly fits our role as a mediator between eastern and western ceramic worlds. Our residency center helps western artists negotiate Chinese studio methods, while our education centers expose Chinese students to western aesthetics and teaching practices. This intermixing creates a new hybrid of forms and styles.

Our 25th anniversary exhibition highlights the artistic possibilities that can happen at the "edges" of ceramic cultures. Twenty five artists have been chosen to represent the diverse styles, techniques, and processes that have emerged from our growth and artistic interchange. Their work ranges

from intimate vessels, to sculptures, to large scale wall pieces. I would like to thank Wu Hao, Sin-Ying Ho, Richard Notkin, Linda Arbuckle, Trudy Golley, Pete Pinnell, Harris Deller, Vipoo Srivilasa, Steve Lee, David Furman, Sam Chung, Elaine Henry, Fiona Wong, Ying Yueh Chuang, Takeshi Yasuda, Patrick Coughlin, Eric Kao, Dryden Wells, Qi Ming, Gao Yifeng, Jim Connell, Peter Beasecker, Paul Mathieu for participating in the show and for their continued support of The Pottery Workshop. I would especially like to thank our director Caroline Cheng for providing her humor, and vision of what the Pottery Workshop has grown to become.

As The Pottery Workshop moves into a new stage of development I can only hope that the quality of art and friendships that will be created in our next 25 years will be as exciting as our first.

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