The 3 Cheers for 3 Years give away winner is....

The winner of the 3 Cheers for 3 Years cup give away is Carol Mcginnis from the great state of Texas. She will receive this cup in the mail shortly. Thanks to all those who participated and have supported the blog over the years.

In other news I am finally home in Shanghai. A week in Seattle, five weeks in Australia, and a weekend touring Shanghers (aka people from Shanghai) around Jingdezhen has left me worn out. I'll be back in the studio tomorrow with lots of catching up to do. I have what feels like thousands of photos to edit along with a few exciting new video projects. I look forward to getting them up as soon as I can. For a tease here is a shot of the pots that came out of the kiln in Ernabella. More to come soon.

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