The Red Clay Rambler Podcast: Ep. 1 Matt Long Interview

To celebrate the third year anniversary of this blog I am rolling out the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast. This podcast will consist of interviews with artists, writers, and musicians with an occasional special travel episode thrown in for good measure.

The first episode features an interview with American potter Matt Long. Known for his functional porcelain pottery, Matt specializes in communal drinking vessels such as flasks, bottles and jugs. In the interview we discuss the dynamics of change in studio life, the importance of making a good cup, directing students through mentorship and teaching, navigating the ceramic workshop circuit and a whole host of other topics.

I met Matt in 2001 when I took his workshop at the Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts. Over the years I have come to appreciate his gestural approach to manipulating clay. He has a uniquely subtle touch with porcelain. He often uses thick slip to create three dimensional surfaces that are accentuated by his soda firing process. As one of the masters of American soda firing Matt has refined the use of flashing slips and carbon trapping to create dramatic flashing on the surface of his pots. 

For more information on his work you can visit his website at www.fullvictory.com. To see Matt in action head over to Ceramic Arts Daily to see a clip of him making one of his signature hip flasks. You can purchase Matt's work at fine ceramic galleries like the Red Lodge Clay Center.

To listen to this episode you can visit the podcast tab on the blog (by clicking here) or subscribe in iTunes (by clicking here).

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