Check out Chris Pickett's new website

Chris Pickett slab builder extraordinare has just launched his new website. Check it out at www.chrispickettceramics.com. Chris's work is great and his writing on the desire for comfort is right on the money. I like this section of his artist statement. 

"The human desire for comfort is universal. Simultaneously all consuming and fleeting, the ephemeral sensation of comfort insulates us from anxiety and unease. The catalysts for these moments are often related to our emotional experience of nostalgia and our predisposed perception of the world. My functional ceramic vessels cater to this human desire for physical and emotional comfort and gratification. In my work I utilize form, color and design to evoke a sense of ease that can be experienced both aesthetically and through use. The formal language of my work is suggestive of the comforting nature of physical intimacy, casual interactions within a community, childhood experiences and personal domestic spaces."

You might recognize his work on this blog from a previous post about his show Cush. Click here for a virtual tour of Cush.

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  1. Great website, easy to navigate and I really like the process page.