Under 50 at the Schaller Gallery

Sue Tirrell

Guillemo Cuellar

Kent McLaughlin

Marty Fielding

S.C. Rolf

Check out the Schaller Gallery's new show Under 50. Its a good looking collection of work all priced under $50. These are a few of my favorites from the group. The bottom mug is one of the four that I have included in the show which runs from August 22- September 10th at www.schallergallery.com.

The Sue Terrill plate is pretty amazing for its balanced use of color. I'm also a big fan of Marty Fielding's sense of balance on this mug. Guillermo Cuellar, S.C. Rolf and Kent McLaughlin's pots are all in the "standards" category for me. By this I mean they are like Jazz standards. Other potters might be using those same glazes to make similar forms but these guys "play" these versions so damn well it is hard to look away. These are the sort of pots that grow on you as you use them. Their subtleties shine as you spend quality time around a dinner table.


  1. balance, symmetrical or asymmetrical, they are all wonderful.

    1. There are definitely some great pots in that show. Lots of variety from all the participants.

      Are you guys in Florida going to get hit from Hurricane Issac? It looked like New Orleans was going to get it again. Hope you are having a good weekend.

  2. Hope your pots go down well in the show! I love the range of pieces you've collected here the reds and oranges are lovely