Highlights from Cup: The Intimate Object 8

Donna Flannery

Simon Levin and Amy Smith

We have officially reached what I heard another potter call "the cup season". In recent years November has become the official month for cups shows. This year you can find just about every approach to the cup in Sante Fe Clay's Handle with Care, Crimson Laurel's Source: Material, and Charlie Cummings Gallery's Cup: The Intimate Object 8.

My hope is that competition in the marketplace will encourage artists to put more energy into innovation. It is surprisingly hard to make an original cup design. It is even harder to making an original cup design that functions well. The angle of the rim, the edge of a handle and the depth of a trimmed foot are all aspects that can make or break a cup. So many cups look great in the gallery but don't make it into the daily rotation because of a minor flaw.

The images in this post are from cups that intrigue me. For some it is color (Donna Flannery, Sanam Emami), some form (the 3 versions of cup w/ stand from above), while others it is content (Josh Stover's K is for Kettle). These are only a small offering of the hundreds that are available at www.claylink.com. I also encourage you to check out the artist's websites that are hot linked to their names to see how these cups fit into, or stretch the artists current bodies of work.

Josh Stover's K is for Kettle Mug.

Julia Galloway

I am now the proud owner of this Julia Galloway mug. Looking forward to seeing those runny blue clouds in person when I get back to the States in December.

This yunomi is one of the selection that I sent for the show. To see more of my cups please click here.

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