Arrowmont Surface Forum 2013

Lana Wilson demonstrating surface design, which is the main theme and major catalyst for the surface forum.

Organizer Jason Bige Burnett and blog queen/ sculptress extraordinaire Carol Epp redefining studio fashion.
Emily Reason soaking up the afternoon sun while carving a pot.
David Eichelberger pinching a form.
Sandi Pierantozzi demonstrating textured handles. 
A group shot of all participants. (Left to right, front to back) Elisa Di Feo & David Eichelberger with their beautiful children, Sandi Pierantozzi, Me, Carol Epp, Natalie Tornatore, Kelly O'Bryant, Tracy Gamble, David Gamble, Lana Wilson, Emily Reason, Nate Prouty, Adams Puryear, Roberta Massuch, Rachel Garceau, Jason Bige Burnett, Richard Nickel, Alex Irvine. Elizabeth Kendall is not pictured but was part of the forum.

I want to thank Jason Burnett and Bill Griffith for making this forum happen. I was honored to be included in the group. I had more fun that week then I've had in a long time. For more info on the surface forum please visit Arrowmont's Facebook page.

Willie Jesus at the Hard Rock Cafe and the remains of the Thursday night Piñata.

Arrowmont is located in Gatlinburg Tennesee, one of the crown jewels of Americana culture. The town is full of air brushed tee shirts, BBQ restaurants and Southern kitch. The Willie bust (aka Willie Jesus) is just one of many fascinating cultural shrines in Gatlinburg. If you get a chance, Arrowmont is a great place to spend a week studying craft. Their summer workshop schedule is now available at www.arrowmont.org.

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