Denmark: Guldagergaard Project Network

A residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Residency Center provided the perfect reason for me to travel to Denmark this fall. For six weeks I was paired with seven emerging artists from Europe and the U.S. with the sole purpose of encouraging and challenging each other to take new directions in our work. The highly entertaining and talented group included Katherine Lees (UK), Gislaine Trividic (FR), Mary Roberts (US), Caroline Allen (UK), Line Lund (DE), Charlotta Bellander (SW), Rosemary Head (UK) and myself.

I used the time to further develop a tea ware project that I started last year. For the project I have been interpreting tea traditions from Japan, China, France, England and the U.S. I've included an image of the French set that loosely inspired the elevated teaset below.

French set from the Sevres Museum 1813

English inspired set for Black Tea

Chinese inspired set for Green Tea

Southern American Iced Tea Set

At Guldagergaard the residents live in an early 20th century manor house that previously served as the private home of a tulip and fruit farm. Since 1997 the estate has housed the International Ceramic Research Center, which hosts ceramic artists from around the world for short term residencies. The campus holds a newly remodeled studio, expansive kiln yard, and the Apple House Gallery. We ended our residency with a show in the gallery, which will eventually travel to the Grimmerhus Museum of Ceramic Art

Charlotta Bellander

Caroline Allen

Gislaine Trividic 

Mary Roberts

Katherine Lees

This set was part of the exhibition and will be left for Guldagergaard's permanent collection. To see more images of the work that I made at Guldagergaard please visit my Carter Pottery Facebook page.

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