Highlights from Akar Design's 2013 Yunomi Invitational

Here are my favorites from this year's Yunomi invitational. I went online just yesterday and so many pots are already sold. I'm always amazed at the strength of Akar's marketing and online gallery presence.

Drawing style

Shanna Fliegel

Jenny Mendes

Shoko Teruyama

Betsy Williams

Kurt Anderson


Tyler Gulden

Matt Kelleher


Mark Errol

Michael Hunt

I am happy to have work included in the show this year. Here are a few of my favorites of the five that I sent. What you can't see in the photos are the dot drawings that occupy the negative spaces. Wish that subtle layer would show up better in photos. Head over to www.akardesign.com to see the rest of the show.


  1. That bright orange AKAR box is on its' way.
    I excited to meet the Yunomi of Shanna Fliegel that I was lucky enough to purchase.

    -Laurie Landry

    1. Thats great news Laurie. I don't know Shanna but I love her work. Great drawing style. I hope that yunomi serves you well. Thanks for reading.