In the Studio: Plates and Platters

I am finishing a round of plates and platters this week. I've enjoyed working on four at a time and stretching the pattern across the forms. It is a great exercise to work on balancing density and negative space within the overall design. For my upcoming show at Red Star I will hang these together as a set but this is also a good way to come up with asymmetrical balance on individual platters.


  1. If only I could stick with a theme as you do and bring it to it's full and varied potential

    1. Linda, It's always hard to decide when to stick with something and when to let it go. I seem to hold onto subject matter for about four years before I move onto something else. Do you find that you have a time limit before you move onto the next thing?

  2. I just let my mind and time wander most of the time; I now see I need to start making multiples, hopefully when I get my next studio I can stick to this plan and see where it takes me.