Emily Galusha on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

Danish artist Nina Hole firing one of her monumental sculptures in conjunction with NCC.

The 2010 Regis Masters series reunion. Started in 1997 the Regis Masters Series honors artists who have had a major impact on the development of contemporary ceramics.

This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Emily Galusha, the Director Emeritus of the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, MN. She contributed to the NCC organization in many ways including service on their board of directors and seventeen years as the executive director. Under her leadership the organization changed locations, increased membership, and expanded its ceramic programing on both a regional and national level.

In the interview we talk about developing a leadership style, approaches to pricing art objects, and NCC's signature event, the American Pottery Festival. For more information on the programs NCC has to offer please visit www.northernclaycenter.org.

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I had the great honor of being hosted by Emily for the American Pottery Festival last year. Seeing her collection of fine art and craft was one of the highlights of my trip to Minneapolis. When we were discussing what makes an art object worth collecting she told me a Guy Davenport quote "Art is always the replacement of indifference by attention." The sentiment that art should increase our awareness by bringing what is overlooked to the forefront is one that I will take back into the studio with me.

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