Highlights from the Florida Heat Surface Conference 2014

Images from the first installment of the Florida Heat Surface Conference held at St. Petersburg Clay Company from February 19th - 23rd, 2014. Demonstrating artists were Chandra DeBuse, Adam Field, Julia Galloway, Kristen Kieffer, Michael Kline, Forrest Middleton, Lisa Orr and myself.

Forrest Middelton demoing image transfer.

Kristen Kieffer and Chandra Debuse demoing on Sunday afternoon.

Workshop participants unloading their pots from the salt and soda kiln.

Michael Kline and Julia Galloway prep for their demos with an impromptu late night discussion.

I had the best seat in the house for Lisa Orr's glazing demonstration. I had to snap a few shots while I was demoing with her Sunday morning.

The owners of St. Pete Clay, Matt Schiemann and Adam Yungbluth, pulling the BBQ out of their specially designed roaster. It pays to work with people who appreciate good pots and good food!

I recorded a few episodes of the podcast while I was in St. Petersburg. I am looking forward to releasing them in the next month. 

To see  more images from the workshop you can view the album I made at the Carter Pottery Facebook page. A huge thank you to the presenters, the staff at St. Pete Clay, and the workshop participants. Can't wait to do this again in a few years!

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  1. Hey Ben -- What a knowledge base at that conference -- I've seen Forrest & Julia before, but the line up was impressive ! I'm sure it was great for the attendees, but also great for you and your peers to be in an environment of exchanging ideas and inspiring one another. I love the photos and seeing those images -- the podcasts of course will be required listening !

    I wondered if it's possible to consider sharing some important points, information, things you learned, or thought were great takeaway's - for yourself and maybe just general info, industry points ?

    I can only imagine that a lot of information was exchanged and parsing out some of those insights would be very good reading !

    thank you again for all your photos and your podcasts - linda