Galloway, Kieffer, and Kline talk about trends in ceramic design on the TRCR Podcast

Kristen Kieffer

Michael Kline

Julia Galloway

This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have a panel discussion with Kristen Kieffer, Julia Galloway, and Michael Kline on current trends in ceramic design. Our wide-ranging conversation looks at the effect of the internet on the way we see design, the pressures on young artists to succeed, and dealing with the restless personality of the artist.

Kristen Kieffer is a potter living in Baldwinville, MA. For more information about her work please visit www.kiefferceramics.com. Michael Kline is a potter living in Bakersville, NC. For more information on his work please visit www.klinepottery.com. Julia Galloway is a potter and educator living in Missoula, MT. She currently serves as a professor and director of the School of Art at the University of Montana. For more information on her work please visit www.juliagalloway.com.

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This interview was conducted as part of the Florida Heat Surface Conference in St. Petersburg, FL. To see images from the conference please visit the Carter Pottery Facebook page


  1. Listened to this today and it's my favorite podcast yet. Nothing like hearing the right thing at the right time. No answers to these things really but so nice to hear the concerns are universal. In relation to the discussion about dealing with anxiety, my way of dealing with it is to stop doing everything else and just make. :) Thanks to the four of you.

    1. Hello Sophie, Sorry it took a while for me to see your comment. Thanks for listening to the episode. It was one of my favorites also.

      I love your anxiety solution! Getting in the studio is the best way to relax my brain.

      Hope you are doing well,