Check out the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Season 3 Kick Starter!

The Red Clay Rambler podcast is based on the idea that casual, but focused, conversations between creative individuals can lead to deep insights into the nature of creativity and the human experience. I start each recording with the intent to explore both the mundane and spectacular aspects of an artist’s life. I receive your comments weekly about how these conversations have touched your life and led to breakthroughs in your own creative practice. I am grateful for your listenership and support in making this podcast happen.

I often get asked how listeners can help the show. I have created a Kick Starter campaign to allow supporters to directly contribute to the production of the show. By supporting the Kick Starter you are helping to produce another great year of podcasts. I'm raising $7,500 to fund travel, equipment upgrades, and production costs during the next year.

In addition to receiving my never-ending gratitude, your financial support will be rewarded with special edition posters (pictured below), handmade pottery and a variety of educational rewards. For more information, or to make a pledge, please visit the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast: Season 3 campaign.

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