Joe Bova on developing a deft touch in clay and the erotic nature of creativity

Mr. CEO (Avarice), 2008

Fiannoula Reborn, 2011

Blue Síle (Blue Sheila), 2011

This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with ceramic artist and educator Joe Bova. Using biomorphic and zoomorphic subject matter, Joe creates hollow formed ceramic sculpture that serves as a vehicle for political, social and mythical narratives. His work has been widely exhibited in hundreds of group shows and more than a fifteen major solo exhibitions spanning his decades-long ceramic career. In addition to his studio work Joe was active in the classroom from 1969-2007, when he was an integral part of building the ceramic programs at Nichols State University, Louisiana State University and Ohio University.

In the interview we talk about building a ceramic program in higher education, developing a deft touch in clay, and the erotic nature of creativity. For more information on his work please visit www.joebova.com.

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I met Joe in West Palm Beach, FL where he has been on a one year teaching appointment at Florida Atlantic University. While in the area he has been firing his vessel-based work in Justin Lambert's wood kiln. I happened to be in town during the unloading of a kiln and loved seeing the contrast between Joe's Rhytons and Justin's functional pots. Both benefited from the dry ash surfaces of the wood kiln but in completely different ways.

Justin Lambert's wood fired plates from the same kiln as Joe's Rhyton.


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