Shanghai7s Rugby

A few weeks ago attended the Shanghai7's. This seven on seven rugby tournament was established to help spread rugby throughout Asia. (for more info Click Here) The weekend tournament featured club, recreation, and semi pro teams from all over Asia. I got to see Malaysia play Japan and the home team, The Shanghai Hairy Crabs, win the club section of the tournament. The crabs definately had the most lively cheering section of all the teams in attendance. Every time the crabs scored a try (which is similar to a touchdown for you American football fans) chants of "Hairy Crabs, Hairy Crabs" went around the stadium.

As the games progressed the competition and the hits got more intense. I saw quite a few weak kneed players wobbling around after a big hit. I'm amazed these guys don't sustain more serious injuries from playing. It looked like the average age of the players was in the mid-thirties so I know they were going to need a lot of Advil and ice after the match. I respect all the players for having the toughness to return to their day jobs after getting banged up all weekend.

One of the most interesting things to see as a spectator was the crowd. The crowd of approximately 200 was the largest gathering of non-Chinese that I have seen in Shanghai. It was a English speaking reunion for the  Rugby countries - S. Africa, New Zealand, Australian, and Great Britain. It felt like I stepped out of China for a few hours.

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