Cake Plate at Table Manners-Lark and Key Gallery Charlotte NC

Lark and Key Gallery is hosting the invitational exhibit Table Manners until November 27th. This show centers around table ware and food presentation. Julie Wiggins and Amy Sanders curated the show and asked each artist to produce a plate, bowl and cup. They were very kind to allow me to send service ware. I was in between studios at the time of the invitation so I sent a cake plate and condiment tray. They wrote a beautiful statement that I copied below. When I first read that second paragraph I was nodding my head saying "right on". Its a good reminder that potters are bound by their appreciation for our community and the good meals that build that community. Click here to see images from the show. I particularly like Molly Hatch's set.

Functional Pottery For Your Table, A feast For Your Eyes.
Group pottery exhibit featuring functional pottery for the table. Curated by Lark & Key potters Julie Wiggins and Amy Sanders.  The exhibit aims to showcase a diverse collection of ceramic tableware and bring awareness to the hand-made in conjunction to the homemade.

Mealtime often revolves around rituals and routines; the use of hand-made plates, bowls and other tableware can enhance these events.  The care and love with which they have been made contributes to the joy of eating and provides a sense of connection and community with the artists that created them. The combination of homemade and handmade allows us to focus on the moment - the aromas, tastes and textures of the food along with the visual and tactile experience of the vessels in which it is being served.

Other potters include Jason Bohnert, Robert Briscoe, Ben Carter, Naomi Cleary,  Chandra Debuse, Susan Dewsnap, Amy Halko, Molly Hatch, Shawn Ireland, Nick Joerling, Linda Johnson, Suze Lindsay, Allison McGowan, Kent McLaughlin, Kelly O'Briant, Kristin Pavelka, Joe Pintz, Emily Reason, Elizabeth Robinson, Joe Singewald, Gay Smith and Lana Wilson.

The cake plate that I sent is similar to the one pictured above. I started to make that form in reference to my father's Apple Sauce Cake. This simple Christmas cake replaces the oil/butter with apple sauce. It adds a little extra sweetness to the raisins/cinnamon/flour combination and makes the cake really moist. He also makes our secret family recipe oatmeal cookies around Christmas. I'll be overseas this year so I hope to get both of these treats in a care package around December 23rd. (hint, hint...Dad I know you can get them through Chinese customs)

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