Check it out - Debuse-on-the-Loose- Chandra Debuse

My graduate school experience was as much defined by my studio mates as it was by the course work . I was fortunate to share a studio with a few amazing artists. (TJ Erdahl, Patrick Coughlin, Beau Raymond, Magda Gluzcek, Chris Pickett-Click on their names for websites) One of these, Chandra Debuse, has just launched a website of her work. http://chandradebuse.com

For surface decoration fans her work is a tutorial on how to use line to define form and space. She says of her work "I use images of squirrel antics as metaphors for goal-driven, yet impulsive human behaviors. The ceramic forms are composed of rhythmic, bouncing lines, referencing the path a squirrel takes as it scampers among trees. As squirrels poke their heads around corners looking for the nut, human fingers seek out their own nourishment by roaming the topography of a plate. "

She also has a virtual sketchbook (blog) Debuse-On-The-Loose that is definitely worth checking out. Chandra is currently an artist in residence at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, FL.


  1. What a nice surprise, Ben! Thanks for the publicity...Looking forward to seeing you back in the states soon.


  2. This brightened my day for sure seeing this morning! Hugs to you both! Can't wait to see you guys at NCECA!



  3. You are very welcome Chandra. Your new website is great. It reminded me how awesome your pots are. Sara, a big hug for you too. I look forward to seeing you both at NCECA.

  4. If you like Chandra’s work ...check out some new stuff in the Damn Right I Got the Blues exhibition at MudFire Gallery in Atlanta. It's posted on-line and can be viewed here:

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the Blues show Luba. The work looks great. Ill post that to the blog soon.