Blue sky clapping music- Architecture in Helsinki, Feist, Jamie Lidell, The Shins, Sly & the Family Stone

Here are a few songs that have made the blue skies seem a little brighter this spring. I go through music cycles that are similar to the transitions of the seasons. All of these 70's influenced songs have clapping, or back beats that make me clap. This time of year is a celebration of the end of grey winter skies, which deserves a round of applause. Click the music player on the right panel to hear these.

Architecture in Helsinki- Do the Whirlwind - 2005 - This Aussie group is a self described "modernist pop band". Sonically reminds me of They Might Be Giants and the Talking Heads. Their new album Moment Bends debuts today in the US. They will be cruising through the US in June on their world tour. Click here to check out their website.

Feist- Inside and Out-2005- A great cover of the Bee Gee's 1979 Love You Inside and Out. Feist's sex appeal makes this version much better. I never could get into men with beards singing like girls. Click here for Feist's website.

Jamie Lidell- Another Day - 2008 - He channels Ray Charles and southern gospel with this tune. This could be the choir at your local tent revival. Click here for Lidell's sketchbook themed website.

The Shins- Australia - 2007- My Taiwanese studio mate sings along to this anytime it comes up on shuffle. A great pop song from Wincing the Night Away. They have been on hiatus since James Mercer teamed up with Danger Mouse to create Broken Bells. The Shins are back at it this summer for the Outside Lands festival in Golden Gate Park. There will be a great line up including Phish, Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band, The Decemberists, and many more. Click here for the full Outside Lands schedule.

Sly and the Family Stone- Runnin Away - 1971- Simple lyrics and a catchy horn section make this airy tune a classic sing along. 

"Running away
To get away,
Ha! ha! ha! ha!
You're wearing out your shoes.
Look at you fooling you! "

My mom saw them in the 70's when Sly Stone was so drunk he fell off the stage. A memorable night for the audience but probably a little blurry for Sly. (Click here for his website)

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