Kids, coffee, and crates

A quick photo essay from a full day at the Pottery Workshop. 

It started with a painting class from the Shanghai Center Preschool. Move over Franz Kline these kids put abstract expressionism in perspective today. They painted with a wreckless abandon that only a 3 year-old waiting for snack time can possess. 

The coffee shots are courtesy of my friend Guo's luke warm cappuccino. I worked the inside/outside deco scheme for this last set that I made. I like the sprig of dogwood that you discover as you get to the bottom of the cup. The light coffee color of the cappuccino is a nice contrast to the porcelain slip. It warms up the green under glaze and sets off the overall color scheme. Always nice to see how the user can make or break a functional pot by what they choose to put in it. The set of six is now a regular part of our coffee shop rotation.

The end of my day was spent packing a crate that will ship out tomorrow. This four by three foot crate is the biggest thing I've ever shipped. I had to get inside so I could safely pack the boxes in the bottom. In the end 63 pieces, or sets, will go to the Charlie Cummings Gallery for my late November opening. Check out Chandra Debuse's Playscapes that just went online at CC Gallery a few days ago. She is showing a diverse body of work that includes squirrel, bat, and bunny drawings.

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