And the Winner is...Brett Freund

My super-secret-random-number-generator selected Brett Freund to receive the Thanksgiving give away tumbler.

I am a big fan of the dense layering Brett uses to build his images. His intricate drawings on ceramics show the influence of graffiti/street art. He states about his work "I enjoy investigating patterns of aesthetics and symbols in order to produce a mash up of form and imagery. Flash art, designer toys, and pop culture are all identifiers that inform my work." I have posted a few images of his work above. You can visit brettfreund.com to find out more about his work.

Brett's work shares many similarities to the musical mash ups that blend prerecorded music to make new songs. Check out this mashup of the Rolling Stones and the Dandy Wahols done by mashup artist Pheugoo.

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