In the Studio: Merry Christmas Mugs

Merry Christmas! (I know I'm a few days late.) I hope the holiday was fun and relaxing for those who celebrated it. I've been basking in the glory of home cooking. I'm back in the states for the next few weeks enjoying a much needed vacation. I'm having a bit of reverse culture shock but adjusting nicely to some down time. Ill be heading to Asheville on Friday to work for a week at Black Mountain Studios. Should be a great time making work with friends.

Here are a few pics of the mugs that I finished just before I left Shanghai. They came out of the kiln and went straight into a box to the Schaller Gallery. They should arrive in the next few weeks along with new platters. (Click here to see the work currently available at the gallery.) I decided to work with a set of 30 instead of my usual 10. Handles were the focus as I added and subtracted color to emphasize the line quality of the profile. I like the direction these handles are taking with their colorful interiors. I gleamed a few new deco ideas from these cups that I'm going to take into the next set of teapots that I make.

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  1. Yes nice cups and I like the different colour interior with the line running between.