NCECA 2012: The calm before the storm

After a quick day and a half install our Pottery Workshop 25th Anniversary show is up. (click here to see the digital catalog from the show. I'll post more display pics later.) Part of my love of gallery work is the time I spend with the individual pieces during installation. It is often the most time I spend with other people's work (excluding the functional pots I use everyday). In the quiet of a track lit gallery I see the pieces in a new light both physically and metaphorically. The pristine environment created during exhibitions highlights details in the work that are missed in a studio setting. You might recognize from other posts that I talk a lot about recognizing detail. Going from the macro to micro perspective is a practice of mindfulness that I find very important. 

One of the most visually interesting pieces to be installed today is a wall piece from Ying Yeuh Chuang. (click here for her website) This Toronto based Taiwanese artist sent a massive fabric element that supports her press molded porcelain pieces. The piece is stimulating to the max. The heavy contrast between the crisp white porcelain and the bright fabric creates an optical crescendo that demands your attention. NCECA did a great job giving us a space large enough to display a work of this magnitude. 

It has been nice to have some down time before the NCECA rush begins. The first bus tours start tomorrow and we are expecting multiple thousands to view the show during the next week. I'm looking forward to talking to people about the artists and our organization.

Click here for a link to the exhibition guide. Over 190 shows will be a part of this years NCECA.


  1. Ying Yeuh Chuang's pieces are amazing. I wish I could be there to see them in person. Enjoy.

    1. Wish you where here too Lori. Ying Yeuh's piece looks fantastic. She has gotten a very positive response to the installation. Have a good week.