NCECA 2012: Well Served at the Seattle Design Center

Liz Quackenbush - http://lizquackenbush.com/

Ingrid Bathe - http://www.ingridbathe.com

Andy Brayman - http://matterfactory.com/
David Eichelberger - http://www.crimsonlaurelgallery.com/david-eichelberger/

Jennifer Allen - http://www.jenallenceramics.com/

Julia Galloway - http://www.juliagalloway.com/

Mel Griffin - http://melgriffin.com

Michael Kline - http://www.klinepottery.com/

Well Served, an exhibit by Catherine Person Gallery, Seattle. http://www.catherinepersongallery.com/

Like many participants I spent a lot of time looking through the NCECA catalog trying to find shows I wanted to see. In the end I only made it to a handful which made me even more grateful I got to see the dinnerware show Well Served. For the exhibit each artist was given a table to fill with plates, bowls, and other service related forms. The curators Deb Schwartzkopf and Julia Galloway did a great job picking artists that approach dinnerware from different points on the decoration spectrum.

Two of my favorite pieces were from David Eichelberger and Jennifer Allen, who both displayed forms whose novelty was refreshing in the realm of table service. I love how Jennifer made a resting place for the serving spoon on the side of her bowl. David's three lobed servers where my favorite overall pieces because of their strong rims and dramatic curves. As always Julia Galloway and Michael Kline showed amazing work that highlighted their mastery of soda glaze decoration.

Many of the artist's sets worked better as a unit while others showed their strength at the individual level. Ingrid Bathe's beautifully crafted pinch pots formed a complete set that was unified by color and technique. On the other hand Liz Quackenbush had a table of pots that crossed the spectrum of color, surface, and form. Another stimulating contrast was the difference between Andy Brayman's crisp aesthetic and the hand quality of Mel Griffin's painted earthenware. Seeing these contrasts made the show a valuable learning experience. I wish my classes could see the show so they could understand the variety of solutions potter's come up with for serving food. In total the show served as a contemporary survey of the American approach to dinnerware.

The shots above are a few of my favorites. To see the complete album you can visit my Carter Pottery Facebook page by clicking here.


  1. Great eye candy, thanks so much for posting these.

    1. Your welcome Linda. I'm about to post images from the show I curated at this years NCECA. Many great pieces. Ill get them up when I'm done editing them.