Workshop at the Canberra Potters Society- May 12th & 13th

I'm looking forward to seeing the Aussie capital in a few weeks. I'll be in Canberra at the Potter's Society for a two day workshop Saturday the 12th & Sunday the 13th of May. I'll be demonstrating soft throwing, altering, working with foam slump molds, slip decorating and a few other tricks I have up my sleeve. I'll also be lecturing on my time in China and hopefully showing images from the project I'm currently working on in Ernabella.

I've been offered about a thousand cups of tea in the last two weeks so I know Ill be making teapots and other tea related items during the workshop. It's nice to be in a culture that appreciates a good cup of tea and by that I mean an actual full cup of tea. Chinese cups for green tea are so small that they feel like a kid's tea set at times. I just started two teapots for the Ernabella guys to decorate. I'm interested to see what direction they will take with the forms. I'm hoping to see a kangaroo or two jumping across the forms in the next week or so. 

For more information on the workshop or to register you can visit their website by click here. You can also call 6241 1670.

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  1. i didn't realized that pottery-making, as well, porcelain designed is also a hit in the part of Australia. i guess i can share some of my knowledge then. but i'm just wondering where to start? cheers.

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