Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast: Ep. 5 Nicole Teng and Brut Cake

This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with multimedia artist Nicole Teng. Working under the name Brut Cake, Nicole designs ceramics, lighting, furniture and clothing. She is largely a self taught artist that transitioned into studio life after many years of marketing and gallery work. Her aesthetic has been influenced by a wide range of sources, including Art Brut and the Art Deco furniture of Shanghai's 19th century economic boom.

In the interview we discuss upcycling old materials into new forms, the balance between outsourcing and hand craft, and creating a clear marketing message. For more information on Brut Cake please visit their website by clicking here. You can also keep up with Brut Cake by "liking" their Facebook page.

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