Denmark: Color and Light

After seeing images of Skaelskor one of my family members asked, "Was it really as quaint as it looks?" YES. The tranquility of the Danish countryside is a bit surreal. With clean architectural lines, and even cleaner streets, Skaelskor resembles a Danish version of The Truman Show.

The northern latitude of Denmark made for short days with a low hanging Sun. Over six weeks I experienced mainly overcast skies, which must be the catalyst for painting both buildings and boats with primary colors. The bright reds and greens were a welcome sight that put a smile on my face during my bike rides around town. 

I'll post more images of the pots I made at Guldagergaard later but for now I'll leave you with the colors and light of Skaelskor.


  1. I love architecture which carries its history with it, even embellishes it...I want to know what happened to the building that used to stand next to that last one...I'm almost positive there was one once.

    1. Hello Barbara,
      That little red building was one of my favorites in Skaelskor. It sits at the edge of the local church yard. The Church is about 100 ft from the back of the building but I didn't see any other building that would fit in that space. When where you in Skaelskor? Did you do a residency at Guldagergaard?

      On a side note I am in Swannanoa right now working for my friends Maud and Austin at Black Mountain Studios. We are neighbors of sorts for the time being. I will be heading to Arrowmont on Saturday but I always love the Asheville area.

      Hope you had a good holiday,

  2. Hello Ron,
    You are welcome. Hope you had a good holiday.